Monday, January 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Trip--pit stop in Arkadadoo

I was so excited to get to see a couple of great friends from high school. Ann Marie & Jan (Jan's baby refused to come be in the picture--hence Jan is sans baby) It was so much fun to see and chat with them! Our older girls seemed to have a good time playing together (Chloe is taking the picture) and Lynli and Emily are below.

I didn't get a picture of Aaron, but he had fun chasing the girls around trying to kiss them. . .not sure what we're going to do with that boy when he's a teenager. .
On our way to Indiana for Thanksgiving, we stopped over in Arkadelphia and stayed the night with Natalie's brother. We also got to go out to dinner with Sam (Ronna) and her husband and daugther (Jim and Sidney). We realy enjoyed getting to chat with them! And, later Chloe told me she had fun talking with Sidney and her dad (she was sitting by them). Sam is the aunt of a good friend of Natalie's from junior high/high school (Chrissi).
*Oh, and the battery went out on our way to Arkadelphia (had to get a jump at a McDonald's an hour or so before we got there). So, Simon got to run to Wal-Mart in Arkadelphia and get a new battery for the car. . .a shadow of things to come. . . (see next posts)

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