Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year End Review 2012

Chloe- 9 years old
-loves to read
-plays the piano
-plays dolls with her little sister
-loves to play wii and computer games
-enjoys gymnastics, tennis, dancing, and parks
-loves third grade and has a fabulous teacher! (Mrs. Talent)
-on the school's Battle of the Books team again this year

Aaron-7 years old
-loves to read
-getting kind of tired of practicing the piano--we hope for a renewal this new year
-played a duet with mom at his recital
-loves to play wii and computer games
-loves to play at the park
-loves first grade and has an awesome teacher! (Mrs. Smith)
-on the school's Battle of the Books team again this year

Emma-4 years old
-loves books
-loves all kinds of dolls (baby, barbie, etc)
-loves to hug on any real live baby she can (often to their dismay ;)
-enjoys gymnastics and parks
-loves her preschool class and has a great teacher! (Ms. Jeannie)

2 Boys we're fostering--1 and 3 years old
-can't post their names or pics, there is a certainly level of confidentiality in Foster Care
-the one-year-old always has a smile on his face and is cuddly and sweet
-the three year old is also smiling a lot and is cuddly and sweet
-both love to be held and read to
-really, couldn't have asked for two more loveable kiddoes as our first placement

-enjoys his job as an architect
-loves to read scriptures and any gospel related topics
-a little overwhelmed with fostering two additional kiddoes
-extremely, fabulous husband and father
-huge help at home--does lots of dishes, children's baths, reading to the children, playing with kiddoes, etc.

-enjoys being a stay-at-home mom
-loves the classes she is taking at UTA (a program to get her certification to be a school counselor)
-a little overwhelmed with fostering two additional kiddoes and being in school--so happy to have such a supportive husband!!
-still PTA president (last year of it!)
-loves to read--has discovered checking e-books out from the library and reading them on her ipod or nook-so convenient!!

General info
-Fostering two kiddoes is a learning experience for them and us. I think we will all be better off becasue of it. The experiences we grow the most from are definitely the more challenging ones!
-most of our challenges are due to age appropriate behaviors--it's just a lot to add two more to our family right now!
-Feel very blessed!
-all of our kids are so cute and fun (and can also be annoying and frustrating!).  I wish I could just bottle up all their cuteness and keep it forever!  Emma's face can be so animated.  She loves to sing made-up songs.  Really, everyone loves to sing made-up songs (including mom and dad!).  Daddy is the king of silly sayings and mommy loves to make funny faces.  Aaron is fun and full of energy!  Chloe is getting older and becoming more independent and responsible!  She is also lots of fun and affectionate.  I hope they all stay so affectionate!
-We enjoy having Natalie's sister's family (DeeAnn) living close by again.  They moved back to Texas from Indiana and Chloe, Aaron, and Emma love having these cousins close by!
-We also continue to love having all of Simon's siblings and their families and his mom close by!